Your Best Webmail Programs

Email has been revolutionized in recent years and changed the way we communicate with each other. Phone calls and faxes have been replaced with email messages and texts. Email is everywhere now that we are constantly connected to the Internet through our phones, tablets and laptops. Remember the days when we would race to get back to the office so we could check the emails we received that day? Now our phones vibrate immediately when we get an email and we are expected to respond almost instantaneously. It is an unreasonable expectation but one that has been created by ourselves and our constant need to be in contact with our network of friends, family and business associates. Here are some of the best webmail programs that you can use for free.


Gmail is the king of the road and dominates the email landscape. It is an extremely feature-rich progam that offers up to 10GB of free storage. Google is constantly releasing new features that enhance the program and expand the user base. Features like labels, tabbed browsing, video IM chat, Gmail sign in, Google Talk and even offline access for those times then you can’t get a connection but really need to read your emails. They also have an excellent mobile app which gives a smartphone screen sized interface that is easy to navigate and browse.

Microsoft recently cut loose their very popular Hotmail program in favor of the new It is a radical departure from the Hotmail platform and gets users closer to their familiar desktop version of Outlook. In fact once the simple conversion from Hotmail to Outlook is complete you will think you are in the desktop version. Outlook integrates the best elements of Windows 8 and MS’s Skydrive cloud storage to give you fully web-based experience. It also integrates seamlessly with social media better than any other webmail program available. It also provides almost unlimited storage and attachements up to a huge 300MB compared to Gmail which is 25MB. Over 60 million users signed up for in the first 6 months of it’s release, making it one of the fastest-growing programs ever.


After 15 years, YahooMail is still a powerhouse that is constantly redesigning its interface and improving its feature set to keep up with the other guys. It has an excellent user interface that is familiar, outstanding filtering and spam control and integration with the Yahoo suite of products and services as well as social media. It is an excellent option for the avid email user.

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